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Loveland, CO Valentine Remailing Program: A Jazzy Postmark for Your Valentine Cards!

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Loveland, Colorado takes February 14th very seriously!  For 70 years, volunteers have been accepting cards from around the world, adding a special postmark and stamped “cachet” to the Valentine card envelopes and then re-mailing them to the intended recipients. 

Loveland-Valentine-Cachet2016 Cachet

loveland postmark2016 Postmark

There is still time to use the free, annual Valentine re-mailing program!  Here’s how: Address the envelope of your card and add adequate postage.  Then, place your card(s)inside a larger envelope, add postage and send to:

Valentine Re-mailing

446 E. 29th St.
Loveland, CO 80538-9998

Deadlines for re-mailing and delivery by Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14:

  • 2016 Deadlines: 

    • All U.S. mail must be received by Feb. 6
    • All Colorado mail must be received by Feb. 9
    • Colorado residents can drop off their valentines at any local King Soopers or City Market stores by Feb. 3.

Please consider enclosing a Thank-You Valentine for the volunteers who provide the service year-after-year!

For more information:



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