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Send a Smile 4 Kids: Handmade Cards for Children’s Hospitals

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Card-makers unite!

Here is a chance to craft smiles for hospitalized children, their families and their caretakers…

Send a Smile 4 Kids is a volunteer group that collects handmade cards from crafters and distributes them to Children’s Hospitals in the US and Canada. 

Card designers send Birthday, Valentine, Thank-You, and other holiday or non-specific cards but leave them unsigned to be used by hospital staff, patients or patient’s families. Children may receive these cards or send one; imagine the pride a kid will feel by giving a card and a moment of happiness to someone else- very empowering!

I encourage you to read the guidelines before creating your cards, but here is a synopsis from their site:

  • Cards must be handmade
  • From a smoke-free environment only
  • Specifically made for kids 1-19 years old
  • Avoid loose glitter
  • Leave insides blank
  • Upbeat cards only, no “get well” or “sorry you’re sick”
  • Include envelopes
  • No religious themes or symbols

Please see their site for address to mail cards and further details.

The organization also appreciates donations to cover their postage costs. (Do shipping rates ever decrease?)

Keep common sense in mind when designing; nothing that can be pulled off and wind up in a young child’s mouth for example; older kids will appreciate cards that aren’t too childish.  Get your crafty friends together and create for a cause. Most of all… have fun!

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Author: Craft a Smile!

Welcome! I'm Catherine... My art philosophy: art is about emotions; music and visual art can inspire memories, make us laugh or cry, calm or energize us and make us feel hopeful. Artistic pursuits are therapeutic for the creator but aren't truly complete until shared with others. (Imagine if no one ever heard Beethoven's compositions or saw DaVinci's paintings!) So, let's share crafty goodness and inspire each other to bring a bit of "happy" to ourselves and others. I am a technical writer by trade, a singer and artist by choice and live in a small town in southern New York with my adorable Dachshund, Brando. Please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions or just to shoot the breeze! I'd love to see your creations...

One thought on “Send a Smile 4 Kids: Handmade Cards for Children’s Hospitals

  1. Thanks so much for featuring SAS4Kids in this wonderful blog post! Very well written – love it!


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