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This Shaker Card Has a SECRET… (Mistakes Happen!)

IMG_0160The letters cut from the card front were used to decorate the custom-made envelope

This cute shaker card was created on my Brother Scan-n-cut and I liked the result.  However, when I turned it over to put my newly-acquired, personalized stamp on the back – OOPS – ink from my work surface smudged the inside of the card! I was fairly irritated with myself for making this dumb mistake but I was not going to throw away all of my work so…


… strips of the paper used on the card front were glued inside to cover the ink smudge. I actually liked it better that way!

I admit this was not a watershed moment or even the worst mistake I have ever made when creating. However, it caused me to think about the pressure we put on ourselves as artists and crafters; often we are afraid to try new things because we may reveal our imperfections.

The iconic painter, Bob Ross, famously said: “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” Think of mistakes as opportunities to grow and become a better and more confident artist.  Be fearless, try everything and expect to screw-up occasionally!

How do you fix your crafting errors?  I’d love to hear about it so please comment and share below!

Smiling at you,